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The Story of Magikal Echoes - Holistic Services

My spiritual journey began when I was around 16, but it really became part of my life when I found myself living in a wonderfully haunted house at university! Oh yes!! I used to get strangled in the night and all sorts of fun! I attended the local spiritualist church, but after I graduated with a BSc (Hons) Equine Science, I moved back to Staffordshire in 2011 I took a step back from spirituality.

It wasn't for long though! In 2015 the universe gave me a nudge, in the way of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Conventional medicine helped, but it was crystal therapy that really helped. So naturally I started a two year crystal therapy diploma, and the positive living that runs hand in hand has transformed my life.

I lost my mainstream job in 2019 so I took my part time business full time. It was the universe really giving me the foot up the backside!

I have been totally blessed in my journey. I have helped hundreds of people unleash their potentials through the use of crystals.

I just adore everything about my business, from helping people to heal all the way through to helping them train and grow their own businesses.


My Mission

I have always had a passion for helping people with their mental health. It literally drives my business forwards, hence the statement, to make the world a more magickal place.
Sometimes we loose our way, which means we can no longer see the magic in the world. The magic can be the love that's around you, the beauty of mother earth, the magic that is within you. Whatever the magic means to you, helping you rekindle it and bring your soul alive is something I love being a part of.

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