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Choosing a Crystal

Ahhh one thing that is over thought so much it is this. The correct way to choose a crystal.

Guess what.. do what the F you want!

There are so many different ways you can do this, not one way is the 'right' way either!

By eye.

Probably one of the easiest ways going. If it looks like a pretty rock and you want it, then that is your body telling you that you need that energy. Don't over complicate it by looking up meanings or telling yourself that you need only blue crystals at the minute.

Pick the crystal, work with it and look up the meanings later on. Your intuition knows what you need.

Trust it.

By feel.

Ahhh pick them up and have a feel. What sensations do you get? Is there any weird feelings in your body as you hold it? Have you randomly burst into tears? It's not unheard of!

By colour.

So this is when you know you are working on a specific area - such as feeling secure if you are struggling with anxiety so you'd probably choose red or brown crystals. This method is handy if you are doing shadow work and you want to bring hidden issues to the surface. Usually go for a crystal with a colour you don't like (red for me!) and it will certainly give you some interesting experiences!

By properties.

If you know you want abundance and success in your life then you can pick a crystal specifically for that purpose, such as pyrite or citrine.

Finally you can pick them using a pendulum.

Not quite in tune with your intuition? Use a pendulum to help make the perfect crystal choice!

Have fun with it. I know it can feel so overwhelming with all the information out there about picking crystals, and sometimes it can feel like you need to own ALL the crystals, but a good starter kit would be a pack of tumblestones with one of each of the main colours in there. I will always tell you that tumblestones are more than adequate for your crystal healing purposes, so please don't feel you need to buy all the crystals in every shape and size. Yes they all do hold a different energy but to help you to learn how to discover the subtle energies crystals possess tumblestones are more than enough.

Want to learn more about crystals? Come join us in the Magikal Crystal Community! An exclusive membership group dedicated to helping you learn all about crystals and how to easily incorporate them into your daily life!

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