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What are some of my daily habits?

First thing in a morning I always say thank you as soon as I open my eyes. Taking that moment of gratitude really helps set my day on a positive. We have so much to be grateful for, the fact we wake up to a new day is enough to celebrate!

The first drink that I make in a morning is my green smoothie! At the minute I am using the Funktional Foods Lean Green Superblend and extra Spirulina mixed with an over ripe banana and coconut water. But some days when I'm extra hungry or have hit the gym hard I will use the Naturya Super Protein Blend and my favourite is the banana baobab! Again I mix it with an over ripe banana and either oat milk or coconut milk depending on my mood!

Other habits are going out in the garden and just spending five with the plants, birds and insects. Just watching them all go about their lives, and watching all the plants grow really helps remind me that there is magic all around us.

I always have my to do list close by too, I often time block the whole week on a Sunday so I know what I have to do during the week as truthfully, I would loose my head if it wasn't screwed on!


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