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Seed of life framed crystal grid created to bring psychic protection and balance of the crown and brow chakra.


Crystals used include:

Clear quartz helps to cleanse and shift energy that is no longer needed. It is placed at the centre of the grid to help amplify the energy.

Purple fluorite has been added to help purify and reorganise the subtle bodies, helping you to gently heal. Fluorite also helps to draw off negative energy and stress.

Black tourmaline has been added to help protect from negative energy, from both externally and internally.


The colour purple has been added to heighten your intuition and to increase spirituality. Between the crystals and the colour purple they will all help to balance and heal the crown and brow chakra.


There will be a label on the back of the frame containing the above information so you can always remember the meaning of your grid.


The grids will arrive in recycled cardboard boxes. For every box gifted to Magikal Echoes from family, friends and local businesses, I donate £1 to local food banks so your purchase helps those who are going through hard times in Staffordshire.

Purple Protection

Frame Colour
This product will be shipped in the next 1-2 business days (not including weekends). Thank you for your patience!
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