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All about the Woo Woo Business Membership

Exclusive membership for spiritual entrepreneurs!

Do you feel lonely in your business? Are you ready to network, learn and grow your business?


The Woo Woo Business Membership is a place for small business owners who are on the spiritual and holistic pathway.

Hosted by Niki, The Sweary Crystal Lady, who founded The Woo Woo Business Network back in 2019 because she felt so alone in her business. She just adored networking but hated the dreaded eye roll from some groups when she stood up and said she was in holistic business. "Urggghhhh another 'Woo Woo' person"

So she reclaimed that power and thought f*ck it and started her own networking group for all the Woo Woo people out there!

This membership is a place for you to connect with other business owners in a safe space! AND the best part is we are all that little bit magical! (A bit is a understatement!

Each month you will have:

Weekly accountability sessions where we can all just hop on Zoom and work on whatever you need to get done! We will all be muted but it just gives us a few hours where we knuckle down, it could be course writing, doing your books or updating websites, it really doesn't matter but we will get through it together! This session is 2 hours but it is up to you if you stay for the duration. Let's implement the things we learn on the masterclasses!

A masterclass with a guest speaker These guest speakers vary from social media, email marketing, woo woo business topics and more! We have some INCREDIBLE guests lined up, all dedicated to helping you grow your businesses!

WhatsApp Support every other Thursday where you can ask Niki anything. Need help with tech? Lacking motivation? No such thing as a silly question!

Access to the 'Lets fucking do this club' A chance to hop on Zoom on the first Monday (7.30pm) of the month and discuss our goals and any problems you may have faced over the past month. It is an opportunity to have someone behind you so you have deadlines so we don't keep procrastinating and not doing the scary things to grow our businesses! We have a dedicated Whatsapp group where we share our goals on a Monday and celebrate on a Friday!

Online networking sessions - FREE TO MEMBERS! Every other Thursday on Zoom. These alternate from guest speakers and group discussions.

Access to The Masterclass Library! All of the previous masterclasses are available immediately for you to watch and get implementing into your business!

Printable journal sheets for the new and full moon! On the new moon we set goals and on the full moon the focus is all about healing and digging deep so we can move away from the things that hold us back!


A FREE business listing on the Woo Woo Network website! 


Advertised on my social media and on my email list!


Access to the exclusive Facebook community and lots of opportunity to network and collaborate!



Are you ready to grow your business?? Let's do this!! Hit join and we will see you on the other side!




Will the price of the membership increase?

Yes! BUT you will only ever pay the amount of when you join! For instance, if you join when it is £25 a month, you will forever pay £25 a month. So that means when the price increases in the future at £30 a month, you can sit happy knowing you are saving £5 a month! You will keep your price for as long as you stay a member. If you leave and rejoin at a later date, you will rejoin at the higher price plan.


Do I have to be a member for a set time?

Nope! You can join us for one month, or you can stay with us for years. It is entirely up to you!


Do I have to attend everything?

Absolutely not! You can pick and choose what you want from the membership, there is no obligation for you to attend all of the sessions. Most will also be available on replay in your members area, but you do tend to get the most out of showing up live as you will get to ask questions in the trainings too.

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