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Workshops Available

All workshops are available on a one to one basis, and can be tailored to your needs - which includes online via zoom. Most workshops are based in Cheadle, Staffordshire.

I will happily run workshops for three or more people so if you want a family or friends evening learning all about crystals then please do check my availability or send me an email.


Please do email if you have any questions.

Full Moon

Introduction To Crystal Healing

For those just starting out.

This workshop is designed for those new to crystal healing.

You will learn about 10 most used crystals, how to care, cleanse and choose your crystals.

You will also learn about the basic ways to use crystals to heal yourself and how to use crystals in and around your home.

Crystal Grids

Learn all about crystal grids

This workshop is for those who wish to further their understanding around using crystal grids.

You will learn how to set intentions, activate and create your own grids using a variety of crystals.

You will learn the basics about sacred geometry and the different patterns you can use.

Crystal Moon Magic

Learn about how to use crystals with the phases of the moon

Do you want to manifest with the cycle of the moon?

This workshop will help you gain a better understanding of the moon cycle and how to create your own new and full moon rituals.

You will also learn how to cleanse and charge crystals under the moon and how to make moon water.

Image by Marvin Meyer
Colorful Crystal

Manifesting with Crystals

In this workshop you will learn all about the law of attraction, how to journal and how to use crystals to manifest your desires.

This workshop dives deep into your desires and wishes so you can really get specific on your manifesting goals.

Psychic Energy Protection

Are you feeling drained after being around certain people in your life?

Then this workshop is for you! You will learn the different methods to cleanse and protect your energy.

You will learn how to use crystals to protect yourself and your home.

Crystals and the Chakras

This workshop will help you learn all about the chakras and how to use crystals to balance each one.

You will understand the signs of imbalance, balance and what colours each chakra is associated with.

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