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5 Tips to get your spiritual business online.

So you’ve qualified as a healer or holistic therapist, now how the fuck do you get clients? This being internet thing is an incredible opportunity, BUT fuck does it feel daunting at the start.

Now when I first decided I was going online (2017) I hadn’t got a fucking clue what I was doing but when I started the Woo Woo Business Network two years late

r, I found so many others hadn’t got a clue either so I made it a mission of mine to learn more about it.

When 2020 rolled around, it gave me the opportunity to go online, well I took my crystal business online first, and in 2022 I finally created the Woo Woo Business Membership, a place for all of those on the spiritual pathway to learn more about business. There are so many trainings in there from incredible business owners, you are most welcome to come and join us!

1. When starting with social media for your spiritual business, choose the platform you most prefer.

It can feel like a huge deal opening an account on social media for your business, and that is because IT IS!

You are saying to the universe I am here and I am ready to share my offerings.

So make it easy on yourself. Start on the platform you like the most, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok, whichever you spend most time on, as you will already know the basics on how the platform works and you will be comfortable with the formatting of that platform.

2. Know your ideal clients

This is an important one, and it is so often overlooked but when it comes to any form of marketing, this is the key!

So let’s say your ideal clients are females who are 50 year olds, are they likely to be up to date on trending sounds or dances. No they likely won’t give a fuck.

This is where you can create content for your target audience.

So answer these questions, what age are they? What gender are they? What jobs have they likely had or got? Have they got kids? Where do they shop? What car do they drive?

Honestly the more you know your ideal client, the more you can tailor your social media to them, and that’s what you want isn’t it, a business full of dream clients.

You are not excluding those who are not your ideal client, but I want you to be comfortable to have boundaries, if you don’t feel comfortable working with men, are you likely to give them the best of your work? If you love working with kids then why not strive to fill your business with the work that lights up your soul.

3. Keep your social media scheduling simple

It is very easy to let your social media get out of hand. And then it becomes overwhelming, then you don’t post ANYTHING.

What fits into your life? Can you commit to 3 posts a week? They key here is to be consistent, so if that means once a week, twice a week or twice a day, make it fit your life so you can easily achieve it.

4. Do start an email list from DAY ONE!

The sad truth is you do not own your social media profiles, and sadly they can be taken down without warning. So I always recommend that you have a backup, and an email list is a fucking amazing way to do it.

Your average social media post is organically (no paid ads) seen by about 10% of your audience. So if you have 1000 followers that equates to 100 people. Yep it’s shit.

Now look at emails, that email has gone straight into their inbox. Yes some might hit junk but that’s a minimal amount. The average open rate of emails is about 21% (mine is over 50%) so already way more people are seeing your content than social media.

There are lots of email providers out there, but I highly recommend Mailerlite. It’s free for up to 1000 subsribers and it has it’s own academy, so you can learn how to use the features, which again is completely free.

5. Don’t compare your year one to some one else’s year 8.

Comparisonitis is something you should just stay away from. Yes have a look at what others are doing sure, but remember what is working for them might not work for you.

Having loads of social media followers just ain’t all that. I have seen people with 10k followers struggle to make a sale, whilst others who have a couple of hundred be close to making 100k a year. Followers don’t mean shit, as sadly you can pay for them. So this is where I will say to be sure to stay in your own lane, and don’t get hung up that Barbara over there has 5 thousand followers where you only have 10. They are known as vanity metrics for a reason.

If your 10 followers are all your dream client and spend hundreds with you, I know which I’d rather prefer!

I have been in business for 8 years now, and I always get comments on how well I am doing etc, but I’ve fucking worked hard for it. I’ve done 18 months on the event circuit, I’ve been online for how many years, and have I got a huge following? No not in the slightest, but I am making a living and I haven’t got to work anymore so I don’t give a shit!

If you would like to come join us in the membership where there are trainings from incredible people about starting an email list, blogging and SEO, money mindset and so much more then click the link


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