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Each wish jar has been created with different intentions.

This listing is for one wish jar and information card.

The jar is 2.5cm tall including cork. The cord varies in length - from 7.5cm-15cm

Abundance - Green - Abundance flows so freely to me I'll be fucking swimming in it.

Calm - Purple - I am fucking capable of relaxing and letting shit go.

Cleanse - White - I am fucking powerful enough to cleanse the energy around me!

Courage - Orange - I have the fucking courage to take action towards the badass life I want to live!

Happiness - Yellow - I am filled with so much positivity the sun shines out of my ass!

Love - Pink - I am deserving and good enough to welcome love into my fucking life!

Protection - Black - Negativity does not fucking penetrate me!

Self Expression - Blue - I am safe to speak my fucking truth!


All flowers (except for the white sage used in the black salt) have been grown in my garden in Staffordshire UK.

The jar is made out of glass so they are not suitable to be worn as jewellery.

*The colours may vary due to using fresh flowers.

*The salt is for decorative purposes only and is not for human consumption.

*One wish jar provided

Crystal and Salt Wish Jar on Cord with Sweary Affirmation

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