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Feathers appear when angels are near.


This picture was created to help remind you angels are all around.

It has been painted with pink and silver glittery watercolour paints so it shimmers in the sunlight.


Rose quartz has been added as it is the stone for love. May it bring comfort and love.

Rainbow moonstone has been added to help bring emotional balance and to help you release emotions.


There will be a sticker on the back of the frame containing the above information so you can always remember the meaning of your grid.


All crystals are cleansed with sage and charged under the full moon, and they are all stored with organic lavender to keep them protected.

Each grid will be cleansed, reiki blessed and programmed for their specific intentions as outlined above.


Hang this grid in your home, or use at as part of your healing or mediation.


The grids will arrive in recycled cardboard boxes. For every box gifted to Magikal Echoes from family, friends and local businesses, I donate £1 to local food banks so your purchase helps those who are going through hard times in Staffordshire.


Frame sizes

Medium White 18cm x 18cm x 3.75cm (7"x7")

Medium Rustic 18cm x 18cm x 3.6cm (7"x7")

Feathers Appear When Angels are Near

Frame Colour
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  • Medium White 18cm x 18cm x 3.75cm (7"x7")

    Medium Rustic 18cm x 18cm x 3.6cm (7"x7")

    • This picture/grid is fragile and so should be treated as such.
    • It contains glass so care must be taken to avoid breakages.
    • Hang out of the reach of children and animals.
    • Clean using a damp cloth or suitable cleaning products.
    • Keep out of direct sunlight - the crystals and paint may fade if exposed to sunlight.



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