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This grid was created to bring abundance into your life

Crystals include;
Clear quartz to amplify the energy of the grid and to help to cleanse and shift energy clearing your path.

Garnet is a good stone to help manifest your desires into reality.

Citrine is known as the lucky merchants stone. It will help to bring abundance into your life.

Moss agate helps to attract wealth, abundance and success.

Tigers Eye to help increase your feelings of self worth and to help stop the inner critic, so you can realise you are good enough to accept the abundance that comes your way! You deserve it!

The sacred geometric pattern is called the flower of life and has been used here to bring connection between all the chakras. This pattern also amplifies energy.

There will be a sticker on the back of the frame containing the above information so you can always remember the meaning of your grid.

All crystals are cleansed with sage and charged under the full moon, and they are all stored with organic lavender to keep them protected. Each grid will be cleansed, reiki blessed and programmed for their specific intentions as outlined above.

Hang this grid in your home, or use at as part of your healing or mediation.

The grids will arrive in recycled cardboard boxes. For every box gifted to Magikal Echoes from family, friends and local businesses, I donate £1 to local food banks so your purchase helps those who are going through hard times in Staffordshire 💜

Frame sizes
Large White 23.1cm x 23.1cm x 3.75cm (9”x9”)
Large Black 23.3cm x 23.3cm x 3.5cm (9”x9”)
Large Rustic 23.2cm x 23.2cm x 3.6cm (9”x9”)

Golden Flower

Frame Colour
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