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Crystals used include:

Amethyst has been added to stimulate the brow and crown chakra, to provide psychic protection and to help to keep your mind and thought calm so you can learn to listen to yourself and your body.

Rainbow moonstone to help you to surrender to the natural flow and growth to life. Step out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to grow.

Rutile quartz helps to connect you to the angelic realm, helping you to connect with your own spirituality.



There will be a sticker on the back of the frame containing the above information so you can always remember the meaning of your grid.



All crystals are cleansed with sage and charged under the full moon, and they are all stored with organic lavender to keep them protected.

Each grid will be cleansed, reiki blessed and programmed for their specific intentions as outlined above.


Hang this grid in your home, or use at as part of your healing or mediation.


Frame sizes

Small White 10.5cm x 10.5x 3.5cm (3"x3")


Spiritual Expansion

Frame Colour: White
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