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5 reasons you should network.

I love networking, like really fucking love it! And I have been actively networking for years, it brings so much bloody goodness to your business, not to mention meeting incredible humans!

Networking is still a fantastic way to share about your business, so you can get known for what you do. It can be both online or offline, and just because my preferred way is in person (usually because it involves coffee and cake!) doen’t mean to say to discount the online groups, because lets face it, online groups have no restriction on distance. You might end up being in a online group with someone from the other side of the world! How incredible is that!

The Woo Woo Business Membership was created so we could have that opportunity for community, connection, support and growth. If you want more information or to come join us click here!

1. To get to know other spiritual businesses in your local area

Friendship is key in business. My days it can be a fucking lonely path on your own. The majority of my friends who I have in my life right now, are people who I have met through networking.

Some times you will get a client come your way who needs something, but that is not something you offer. Now imagine how that client will feel when you can recommend someone who can help them. They won’t forget you, as you still helped them.

2. To talk about your business.

Ahhhhh something I really struggled with at the start of my business. How to talk about the woo woo shit I did. Now I’m not going to lie to you, in the more main stream groups, it can be tough especially if they have members attending you just aren’t *woo woo*. It’s the whole reason I started a networking group for those of us in spiritual and holistic businesses, as we can pull cards or make a crystal grid and its fucking normal to us!

But having that 60 seconds where you have to introduce yourself, is actually a really powerful moment. Now it might fill you full of fear, but honestly the more you do it the easier it becomes. Plus it is something you can prepare before hand, and then it doubles up as a bio for whenever you need it, such as being a guest on a blog, podcast or on your about page on your website.

It kick starts you getting confident about what you do.

3. To find people who understand your struggles as a spiritual entrepreneur

This one is where we definitely have a uniqueness, especially if you are an empath! Now you won’t find this in most networking groups, but I know in mine we talk about the clients that drain our energy, the ones that want the free reading, people who tell you that your spiritual gifts are infact a gift and therefore shouldn’t be charged for. Honestly I could rant big time here, but I won’t.

Point is you can find a safe space with people who understand you, which is especially important if you haven’t any friends or family who are in business or are spiritual. It’s like a brucey bonus!

4. To have the opportunity to learn new things

Most groups have a spot light speaker and this means you will get to learn new things that normally wouldn’t be on your radar. Now everyday is a school day, there is always something new to learn, and having that opportunity to grow your business is amazing.

5. Accountability

So as part of the Woo Woo Business Networking Gatherings there is a section dedicated to goal setting. This was added in very early on to help you do the fucking scary thing and grow your business. Having to check in with someone every month (or two weeks if you are a member) makes you do the things you would ordinarily put off. It could be things like accounts (makes me want to cry) social media content creation, applying for a publisher, writing a course, in truth it doesn’t matter what it is because all that is important is that you do it, and we will hold you to it!

There are so many benefits to attending a group, and the aim for the majority of them is so you leave feeling fired up and ready to go smash all of your goals. Who doesn’t need that sort of energy in their business?

If you are feeling shy or nervous about attending a group, do things that can help ease that anxiety. It could be going with a friend, or if attending a Woo Woo Business Networking event you can ask the leader to meet you outside so you don’t walk into the premises on your own.

For upcoming Woo Woo Business Networking Gatherings that you can join, please click here.


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