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5 things you would be surprised to know about me.

Well where do I start on this one!

It is a mission of mine to help you get to know me, Niki aka the sweary crystal lady!

But I'm so open and brutally honest anyway I think I'll struggle with this one!

But here it goes!

Number one.. on my first whistle..

My childhood career option was that I wanted to be a Gladiator. I got really excited when the programme came back when I was at university but sadly I had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and junk food at the time - you know student living!

Who knows maybe one day I'll get to hit someone with an inflatable stick and my heart will be happy..

Number two.

Tropical fish are a huge passion of mine! Well aquatic animals in general to be perfectly honest! My second university option after equine science was to study marine biology in Australia! Sadly the lack of funding available kept me in the UK!

It is still on my bucket list to swim with sharks, and I mean great whites, hammerheads, tigers and of course whale sharks! Just any shark really I want to see them all!

Number three.

I actually don't own that many crystals.

There I said it! But the majority of crystals I own are used during therapy sessions, and I'm an absolute nightmare for gifting my crystals to my clients.

Most people assume I live in a cave full of shiny rocks, but the truth is my crystal stash is fairly small.. I don't even own a amethyst church! The biggest point I own is about 8 inches and again is used in my therapy sessions. I believe crystals are for everyone, and the size of them doesn't really matter!

Number four.

I'm a huge fan of low tox living. I'm still fairly new to it all but slowly, slowly we are adjusting to using low tox products all around the home. Funny thing is that since we have been doing this my asthma has gone too! I mean I now wear a mask to do any haynets for the horses and I do take CBD oil too, but a combination of all these things has meant that after 34 years I'm not reliant on my asthma medication (I've used my inhaler once in the past 6 months!). Now I don't recommend you just give up your meds, always consult your doctor with these things, but make the lifestyle adjustments and see what happens. I was crippled with asthma some years ago and it has blown my mind the difference lifestyle makes!

Number five.

I am allergic to animals. Well all except cats (make of that what you will haha).

All of my life I've been allergic to dogs and horses, but there's nothing in this world that would stop me from having dogs and horses. To me it's worth the hives haha!

There you go!

Five things you may not have known about me!

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