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Crystals for Grief.

Something I have not been shy about is my current journey with my dog, Echo or as she is most commonly known, Sheep.

I am that person who loves animals way more than humans, I mean it's animals that taught and showed me what unconditional love is, and whilst I have lost a lot of humans and animals over the years, watching my girl grow old is breaking me.

When I was younger I disassociated with, well, a lot of my life. I was in denial about loosing my beloved Nana for years. So over the past five years I have done so much healing, dealing with all the traumas, all the hurt, all the suppressed emotions, and now I'm feeling the rawness of the impending crossing of my best friend.

This little dog has been my world for close to ten years, she came to me as a rescue, completely scared, emaciated and matted. She's been with me as I've lost so many loved ones, break ups, loss of my dear horse Ginny, my riding accident, the loss of my career, surgery, bed bound with fibromyalgia, and of course the recent renovation of our home.

Through most of the biggest moments in my life, she has been my constant.

My reason to keep going in the darkness.

My reason to not give up being self employed.

She has been my why for so long, and it honestly breaks my heart that my entire reason for doing everything, will soon not be here.

The reason I am writing this today is to hopefully help you if you are going through similar. To know you are not alone in this. The day by day waiting for the inevitable, having to put your life on hold as you can't plan things, as you know there might be a chance your hold world crashes down.

Crystals to help ease the pain of loss.

So there are loads of options here, and as always do know you have more awareness about yourself and your situation so do feel free to make up your own mind about what crystals helps you!

Obsidian is a good choice to help with grief and it will also help to protect you from negativity around you too, at times when you are at your lowest emotionally you can attract other forms of negativity - like attracts like and all that!

Rose quartz for love. Always rose quartz. There is never enough love in the world.

Citrine or sunstone, to help lift a bit of the darkness and to bring some comfort.

Protection, love and comfort. Those are the things you need during times like this. So have the confidence to choose what crystal is right for you and do let me know!

If you would like to help with the crossing of a loved one, angelite will always be a good shout. Angelite is a brilliant stone to help connect with your angels and the spirits around you, and it is my belief that spirits help souls cross over.

My last words will be this. If you are currently watching a love one come to the end, be gentle on yourself. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. We will all deal with death differently, so don't put yourself in a box and allow yourself to feel and more importantly, to heal on your terms.

All my love, Niki xxx


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