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Crystals for Confidence

Some days we just need a little something to remind us that we can go and take on the world.

Learning to use crystals to help to give you that extra bit of support when all you want to do is stop back into safety.

If you choose to wear your crystals such as a bracelet or necklace you can play with them in times of doubt. But what crystals I hear you ask!

Well there are three that I grab for confidence, and they are citrine, carnelian and tigers eye.

Citrine is a stone filled with sunshine, helping you to keep positive when the darkness starts to creep in.

Carnelian will help to keep you motivated to keep moving forwards, keep moving one foot infront of the other.

Tigers eye will help you to get rid of the self doubt and criticism that you constantly tell yourself.

Together they can help you to reach out of your comfort zone and grow into the badass person you are meant to be!


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