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Crystals for self worth

I am writing this because recently I fell victim to the "I'm not good enough" phrase that constantly goes round my head.

If we haven't met yet, I'm Niki - most commonly known as the sweary crystal lady or just the sweary lady! I am a crystal therapist and Reiki master based in Staffordshire, but I take the no BS approach to energy work!

We are on a journey of self discovery, of healing and of wanting to be better, so I am going to give you two crystals to work with! I could give you ten crystals, and a long list of things you must do, but that just isn't me!

Using crystals in your day to day life needs to be quick and easy to you can actually do it daily! We are fucking busy people, I'm here to help not create more stress!

Rose Quartz

So my first crystal that I would say to use will be rose quartz. Rose quartz is the stone of love, and we all need more fucking love in our lives! No matter who you are, I can guarantee you talk negatively about yourself! I want you to carry your rose quartz with you until you talk about yourself the way your best mate does - you need to big yourself up! There's only one of you, so use your uniqueness to your advantage. I mean look at me, getting paid for swearing at people - how is that a fucking job right? Anything is possible if you just start believing in you. The day you realise that you are a fucking goddess, if the day your life will start to change.

Just think of all the ways a goddess acts, do they let people walk all over them? REGARDLESS OF WHO THE FUCK THEY ARE! The goddess is number one, so this is me telling you to start treating yourself like that! Boundaries show love, for both people! Over the years I have had several jobs, from working in a bar/club to working with animals, and the one thing that is consistent is to have firm boundaries. Would you let your dog disrespect you? No! So why let a human do the same! Can you imagine what would happen if we didn't have boundaries in pubs and clubs? Man alive it would be fucking carnage!

So get your rose quartz, no matter the size (the ONLY time I will tell you size doesn't matter) and sit down and answer the following:

Where in my life could I have stronger boundaries?

If you don't have any rose quartz or feel you need some more then check out my shop!

Tigers Eye

The second crystal I recommend that you work with is tigers eye! Tigers eye is a fantastic crystal to help with that inner critic. We all need help to fuck that inner voice off and tigers eye is one of my most favourite crystals for the job!

The more we start to notice what we are saying to ourselves, the more we can actually learn to tell that inner voice to fuck off.

There is no need for it - it doesn't help anyone!

You know what's coming, over the next few days I want you to focus on your inner voice and what it is saying to you!

Partner your rose quartz and tigers eye together so you can start saying no to that inner voice, yet another boundary for you to work with!

If you want more sweary crystal love in your life then do sign up to my email list for sweary truth bombs right in your inbox - oh and you will receive a free ebook on crystals for manifesting!


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